What Is An Electrical Energy Audit?

An Electrical Energy Audit is accounting for all electrical energy a location uses over a period of time. This means accounting for every electrical appliance (load) and the amount of time they were on. Ever wonder what makes up your electric bill? If you could reduce the bill would you not try? Here is your chance to identify those energy users and abusers.

Why Should I Do One?

Every kilo-Watt-hour you save is about 1 pound of Greenhouse gases (Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Ozone, etc.). One pound may not seem like much, but when added up over days, weeks, months and years it becomes very noticeable. We all need to take care of our environment - now and for future generations. We all need to take an active part in conserving energy where we can.

If you are considering an Alternative Energy System, then you need to know what the loads are and the amount time they run. Once you know the facts, then you apply energy conservation. Keep in mind that you need to size after conservation in order to have the right system at the right price.

How Do I Do One?

First, you'll need an inventory of every load in every location. Lets take your home as an example. Each location would be a room and each room would have 1 to many loads. If you have six rooms, then

Create A Load Inventory

With a sheet of paper create a table like the one below:

  1. Start in one room at a time, say the kitchen first.
  2. Inventory every load in that room: Location, Description, Quantity, Watts, Hours Used, and Minutes Used.
    : Quantity of more that 1 would be like a light bar or light box having more than one load.
  3. Move on to the other rooms...
Location or
Quantity Watts Hours Used
(per day)
Minutes Used
(per day)
Kitchen Microwave 1 1200 0 10
Kitchen Lights 4 100 4 30
Bath Lights 1 80 2 0
... ... ... ... ... ...

When you have completed the Load Inventory, keep it handy for later. The inventory will be loaded into a working Electrical Energy Audit application.