Power and Energy - Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation are efforts made in reducing energy consumption. Energy conservation can be achieved through efficient energy use, and decreased energy consumption and/or reduced consumption from conventional energy sources. Energy conservation can result in increased financial, environmental and personal comfort.

Greenhouse Emissions

By reducing greenhouse emissions, energy conservation is an important part of every consumer for clean world today and for tomorrow. Energy conservation is often the most economical solution to energy shortages, and alternative to increased energy production.

Easy Ways to Conserve

  • In the summer, keep the air conditioner temperature as high as possible
  • Don't heat or cool empty rooms. Close the vents to reduce heating and cooling costs
  • In the winter keep the heating temperature as low as possible
  • Keep the refrigerator door opens to a minimum as refrigerators are big energy users
  • Wash and dry with full loads as washers and dryers are big energy users, and use "cold/cold"
  • Don't use the energy-intensive drying cycle on your dishwasher and choose the “air-dry” option, or open the door overnight for some zero-energy dish-drying action
  • Turn off electronics if away from them for more than an hour

Phantom Loads

A phantom load is an appliance or electronic thing that uses energy even when turned off. This is also referred to as standby mode.

Just to name a few: Stereo, coffee maker, garage-door opener, microwave oven, clock radio and other electronics. Yes, even chargers for cell phones and MP3 players siphon energy when plugged in - even if they're not charging a thing!

Phantom Load Solutions:

  • Use a power strip: Plug all components of a computer or home entertainment system into a power strip.
  • Turn off the power strip with a single switch and anything plugged into the strip will be turned off. Unplug rarely used appliances.
  • Unplug the TV, toaster oven and other well-used appliances before whenever possible