About Vital View

VitalView.com is here to assist energy consumers on ways to reduce electrical energy consumption through sensible energy conservation and alternative solutions. There are steps we can take now to make a difference and begin saving money... and our environment at the same time.

This site's primary focus is on electrical energy conservation and solutions by providing the information and the tools you need to undertake the wise electrical energy conservation decisions.


This site provides information on electrical energy from what it is to how to conserver it.


This site provides the tools to demonstrate power and energy and the tools to perform an electrical energy audit empowering one to make the wise decisions on conservation and alternative systems.

The Environment

Vital View does not have a view or position on Global Warming or Climate Change, which is under heavy discussion and endless debates around the world. We do know that everyone needs to conserver our natural resources, and by default, conserving our natural resources improves our environment.


Our natural resources are finite/limited and therefore everyones responsibility to conserve them NOW and for future generations. The days of waste are over and conservation is here. Lets all get out there and conserve. It begins in our homes and businesses. It is all about responsibility.

The Vision

The initial vision is simply to see every home and business, where possible, become electrically energy self sufficient. This vision extends to recycling water and waste as those technologies become available.

    Electrical Energy Alternatives

Alternative energy systems are here today for solar, wind and water. Granted, they are not cheap and out of reach for most of us, but they are improving in efficiency and lower cost all the time.

Before making an alternative system purchase, one needs to conserve energy and update with more energy efficient appliances and technologies. These step will significantly reduce the cost of an alternative system.

Keep in mind advances in fuel-cell and solar nanotechnology:

  • Nano-wire Solar Cells are expected to become 65% efficient within the next 10 years over the current 15 to 20% today
  • Fuel Cell cost will plummet as cheaper catalyst replace the need for precious metals
  • Electrical Energy Storage technologies will replace bulky batteries with smaller and higher capacities
  • LED lighting will become cheaper and better over the next 12 to 36 months replacing the current energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lighting(CFL)