Electrical Energy Audit Application

Below is the Electrical Energy Audit. Enter your values. You can export the Electrical Energy Audit to the various output formats.

Simply supply: Location, Description, Volts, Qty, Watts, HH, MM, and DPW... the bold items below will be computed:

  • Qty x Watts = Total Watts
  • (Total Watts x Time(HH + MM)) / DPW(Days Per Week used) = AWD (Average Daily Watts)
  • ADW / 1000 = kWhs

If the utility charges, say $.10 per kWh, multiply kWhs times 10 to get the cost.That's all there is to it. Give it a try!

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Electical Energy Audit
Total Watts
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Note: Data entered in the table above is preserved for this browser session only. You may navigate between pages without losing data. Closing the browser will result in loosing the Energy Audit data. It is suggested that you Export the table before closing the browser.

The Electrical Energy Audit provides a great way to compare two, three, or more different loads, such as lights, appliances... just about anything. Examples:

  • Compare say an 65 watt incandescent light to a compact fluorescent light (CF) replacement which will use around 15 Watts.
  • Compare appliances to Energy Star appliances to see the savings.

Above all... practice with energy conservation and see where you can save.