The electrical energy cost keeps going up. Everyone understands the need to conserve energy and the environment. The most important aspect of controlling utility cost is to know how much energy your electrical devices are consuming. With this site's information you can apply the energy conservation steps that will reduce your energy use, save you money, and saves the environment… month after month.


Consumers have options:

  • Grid-Tie: Where surplus energy is sold or credited back into the utility grid. Optional battery backup systems are available.
  • Off-Grid: Total energy independence with battery backup system.
  • Energy Conservation: Everyone can review and reduce their energy usage where ever possible. This includes replacing (where ever possible) electrical appliances, devices, and lighting with more energy efficient alternatives. This is a must before considering a Grid-Tie or Off-Grid system in keeping down cost.

If you are considering an alternative energy system, then Energy Conservation must come first in keeping the system size and cost down. Do your energy conservation first!

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Power and Energy Electrical Energy Audit Energy Conservation

Everyone should know what Power and Energy is and how it is used and consumed.

In a nutshell:
Power: The rate which energy is being used - Like a car's speedometer.

Energy: The Power used over time (E=Pt) - Like a car's odometer.

An electrical energy audit will identify all electrical consuming devices, their power rating, and their energy usage over time.

Equipped with the facts: You are now in control of your electrical energy use.

From the electrical energy audit data, you can review and reduce your energy usage, and replace electrical devices with more energy efficient alternatives.

NOTE: Considering a Solar, Wind, or Turbine Alternative Energy System?

Every $1 spent on energy conservation and efficiency will save $3 to $5 on an Alternative Energy System cost.